MAGARIMONO originals

MAGARIMONO has been producing cutting-edge 3D printed sneakers that cannot be realized through conventional manufacturing processes. This is the genesis model of MAGARIMONO originals, with a unique shape based on a cumulonimbus cloud motif. This model is the first fully-3D-printed sneaker to be sold in Japan, and now has been converted into an NFT as MAGARIMONO STUDIOS' first virtual sneaker.
The first person to own this NFT will also receive a limited edition pair of the sneakers. These sneakers will come in silver, just like the NFT, and will be the only pair in existence.

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MAGARIMONO originals

MAGARIMONO STUDIOS pursues a new fashion experience transcending the boundaries of real and virtual space using blockchain technology.

MAGARIMONO originals


First owner can redeem a pair of limited physical shoes.


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